The Park

Though there is a small board of directors, the dog park is really cared for by the users. People who use the park are asked to respect the posted rules, help protect the property, and help keep the park in good shape by keeping it clean and replenishing water in the jugs and bottles.

The Park

The park is located at the corner of Mt. Baker and North Beach roads just north of Eastsound, in the middle of the “horseshoe” on Orcas Island. Here’s a Map. It’s easy to walk to the park from the Eastsound area, but if you drive, the entrance to the parking area is along North Beach Road. Please drive and park only on the graveled areas to protect the grass in the Day Park.


There is a two gate system for entering the park. For the safety of people and pets, please keep your dogs on a leash outside the park, but please remove the leash in the enclosure between the gates, before entering the park.

The park has three Mutt Mitt dispensers for cleaning up after your pet. And, feel free to pick a pile, any pile to help keep the dog park a safe place to walk! There are water bowls and jugs and containers with fresh water, a Toy Box for donated dog toys, and some tables and chairs.

More practical and safety tips will be posted soon!

The Park Just Keeps Getting Better

In Progess Almost DoneThrough the generosity of donors to the park, our new shelter is just about complete and ready to use! The shelter is a modern island design by architect David Kau and builder Ken Katz, both of Orcas Island. Ken’s company Bent Nails Construction has donated all of the labor for the building. In addition to being a place to find respite from the rain and sun, the shelter will also have a donor recognition board, information about the park, and tips and techniques for dog care and handling common dog park situations.

We want to be sure that the Off Leash Area provides an area for both residents and visitors to exercise and socialize their dogs in an environment safe for the dogs, their owners, and the general public. Though the directors help guide the use of the park, there is no “management” watching over it. The Off Leash Area is really run by the users, and that brings great opportunity along with great responsibilities.

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