Welcome to the Orcas Off-Leash Area

Those who enter agree to abide by the following rules as a condition of use:

Enter at your own risk. Orcas Off-Leash Area is not responsible for injuries to dogs,
their handlers, or others who enter. Handlers are solely responsible
for the actions of their dogs at all times.


DO Enjoy the Off-Leash Area with your dog. This area is for dogs and their handlers only.

DO Be sure your dog is healthy, vaccinated, and collared with identification.

DON’T Enter with aggressive Dogs, dogs in heat, or puppies under 4 months of age.

DO Limit the number of dogs per handler to three.

DO Keep your dog on a leash outside the Park. Enter through the double gate entry. Unleash your dog in the holding area; then open the inside gate and walk into the Off-Leash Area.

DO Remove pinch or choke collars before entering the Off-Leash Area.

DO Keep your dog unleashed within the Off-Leash Area.

DO Leave if your dog is acting aggressively.

DO Remain inside the park area with your leash, and with in view and voice control of your dog at all times.

DO Clean up after your dog.

DO Fill in any holes dug by your dog.

DO Closely supervise children under 12 at all times. For their own safety, it is strongly urged that young children not be brought to the Off-Leash Area.

DON’T Smoke, litter, or bring in any beverages (except water) or food (for people or dogs).

DO Close gates immediately after entering or exiting the park.

If you’d like a copy, please download this PDF version.